eVision Marketing offers our clients the most comprehensive marketing services ever offered online. From basic onsite SEO to more involved offsite link building and social media marketing, we bring our years of marketing experience into play so that no matter which of our services you choose, you will get results.

eVision I-GuyWHAT WE DO

Many business owners build a website with the, “If they build it, clients will come” mentality. But that’s simply not true. You might have a $15,000 site, but unless it’s put in the way of the people in need of services like yours, it has no value. Being buried on the search engines is the equivalent of putting a retail store off a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.

That’s where we come in. We know exactly what it takes for the search engines to love your site, and put it at the top of the search results. We work to place your site on the first page of Google’s search results, and then keep working until you’re in the number one position.


We start by crafting a website that captures your unique voice and message, and then optimizing it for Google’s rank requirements. Not only will your site have a rich, professional graphic design, but it will be posed to quickly climb the Google ladder, ultimately positioning you on the front page, where it will glean the lion’s share of Google’s traffic.


Social media is one of the fastest growing marketing platforms out there. We will utilize tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to build your network of followers, and get your name and message to the masses.


Everything we do aims at setting you up as the authority in your niche. This builds trust, and encourages visitors to your site to work with you – and no one else. We look at your online relationship with potential clients the way we look at a relationship between friends: it’s first successful because of mutual interests, and it grows because of trust.

We don’t just go around the internet spreading high quantities of low quality content. No, we start a conversation that makes traffic want to click through to your site to see what you will say next – because they like you, they trust you, and they value your expertise.

We start and maintain your side of that conversation through blog posts, social media, email campaigns, eBooks, and other online resources. These are things that give real value to your clients, and can easily be passed on to their friends.


We believe in creating a multi-faceted marketing strategy in order to reach every corner of your target market. Video marketing is another way we embody your unique voice and message, and boost you higher in Google’s search results. Each video we create is optimized for the search engines so they are easy to find, and help your site naturally rise to the top.


We always run a clean, transparent campaign. We are careful not to use any methods that are against the terms and conditions set forth by the major search engines – Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. That means you don’t have to worry about any penalties to your site, which could bury you indefinitely on the search engines.

We send you regular reports so you can review the activities we’ve done, and how they’ve benefited your site visibility. We believe in transparency so you never have to lose any sleep wondering what’s being done with your investment.


We guarantee exclusivity for all of our clients. We will not work with any of your competitors in your niche keywords as long as you are our client.

Hear what others are saying about Richard Weiler the CEO of eVison Marketing

You can be #1 on Google!


"Richard Weiler of eVision Marketing is an SEO legend." -Ken McArthur

"I have had many hours of strategic coaching sessions with Richard Weiler and I feel that Richard is an absolute genius when it comes to business strategy, organization and marketing." -Dr. Kendra Pearsall

"After starting our marketing with eVision Marketing not only were we able to find work and thrive in this economy, which is a miracle, we were able to broaden our net and market in areas we weren't reaching before. Working with eVision has not only been a lifeline helping us survive in this economy it has been the reason for the overall success of Gentleman Movers." -Robert Marye

"Richard helped guide me through the important points of setting up a new web site, especially as needed to build positive search engine optimization. His consultation was direct and knowledgeable. In all, it was a very positive, proactive experience and I would recommend eVision Marketing highly to all comers."
-Ed Henninger

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